Practice-Based Research

The following articles by Design Workshop leaders and academic collaborators were featured in the December 2013 issue of the Chinese design journal Architectural Worlds. The focus of the articles is practice-based research and project performance measurement. The articles by DW staff share the firm’s collaborative and comprehensive sustainable approach to design and its emphasis on research and setting measurable goals in project settings. The faculty authors frame the discussion of practice-based research in the larger context of the design professions and use Design Workshop’s projects as case studies.


LAF Case Study Investigations

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) Case Study Investigation program pairs academic researchers with practitioners to evaluate the performance of built landscape architectural projects. Since 2011, Design Workshop has collaborated with teams from Utah State University, Kansas State University, University of Texas Austin, University of Texas Arlington and University of Nebraska Lincoln on triple-bottom-line case studies of several of the firm's master-planned communities, streetscapes, parks, plazas and single-family residences. The case studies below are published at as a resource for designers, clients, developers and municipalities.