Cherry Creek North

Denver, Colorado


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Faced with high maintenance costs, deteriorating infrastructure, tired aesthetics and competition from the adjacent indoor mall, the property owners of the 16-block Cherry Creek North retail district saw an opportunity to reinvigorate this key retail destination as Colorado’s premier outdoor shopping district.

Retail is the life blood of this district and increasing “dwell” time for shoppers was important for the local businesses. To that end, “The New North” revitalized the existing landscape by preserving trees and major lawn areas while also creating a new graphics/ signage, pedestrian lighting, public art and special public spaces that motivate people to return often.

  • The project was financed through an $18.5 million bond approved by a vote of all of the retail District’s property owners so the design process had to be responsive to the needs of all constituents especially during construction.
  • Over half of the existing water-demanding turf grass was replaced with low water-consuming perennials and shrubs that are estimated to reduce the District’s water consumption by 58 percent and the operating budget by $10,000 250 shade and ornamental trees were added around the District to offset the urban heat island effect and create more habitat for urban wildlife.
  • The quality of the nighttime pedestrian environment was improved with more efficient one-bulb modern fixtures on a custom pole, reducing electrical consumption by 1,000 Watts and maintenance costs by $1,000 for each pole.
  • To reduce impacts to the local landfills, over 40 single stream recycling receptacles were paired with trash receptacles at the intersections to provide a choice for the user.
  • The old pedestrian lights, benches and trash receptacles were donated to another Denver metro community while the remaining furnishings were recycled and diverted from the landfill.
  • Together with a Project Advisory Group (PAG) that consisted of a dozen leaders representing all stakeholder groups, (including the City and County of Denver (CCD) staff) the design team helped the property owners receive full stakeholder support when the final plans were reviewed and approved by the CCD’s Public Works Department.
  • The Business Improvement District’s (BID) outreach program during construction included a temporary signage program, a real-time website that provided schedule, closure updates and bi-weekly constituent meetings. Ultimately, the District remained open for business during the construction of all improvements.

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