Hardy Yards

Houston, Texas


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Design Workshop led the master planning and landscape architecture design for Hardy Yards, a 43-acre brownfield on a former rail yard. Located immediately north of downtown Houston, the redevelopment offers an opportunity to create a vibrant urban district that is an extension of the adjacent historic neighborhood. Taking advantage of the unparalleled skyline views and anchored by a new “complete street” network that will directly to the nearby multi-modal transit station, the development is centered on a community park, office, retail and residential uses. The site’s industrial heritage is celebrated in the detailed design for lighting, seating, paving and planting.

  • Reclaimed 100% of the site from an abandoned rail yard to new development.
  • Preserved 37% of the development edge facing the city skyline for the public through parks and street right of way.
  • Created all private development within a five-minute walking distance to a park.
  • Increased walkability by 35% over City standards, allowing for more direct connection to and from the adjacent light rail station.

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