Lincoln P Street

Lincoln, Nebraska


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The car-centered nature of this popular street in downtown Lincoln lead the City to ask what could be done to invigorate outdoor dining, living, and shopping and increase local economies. Design Workshop led a large group of consultants through an extensive public outreach and stakeholder engagement process to arrive at a new street cross-section for the 26 block corridor that includes provisions for new lighting and signage, more extensive tree planting, an increase pedestrian and outdoor dining space, green storm water management, and public art all while maintaining current and projected traffic loads and increasing on street parking.

  • Uses permeable paving systems and custom suspended decking systems to save existing healthy trees in place.
  • Provides a new identity for the district with the use of native materials, unique colors and forms, an aggressive planting strategy, and a local art campaign
  • Underwent a robust public engagement process including online engagement and public meetings
  • Catches 90% of Storm water in a series of rain gardens, underground soil cells, and permeable paving systems
  • The master plan highlighted future “pocket park” locations as well as offering guidance for first floor land use and redevelopment opportunities
    The plan focused on connections between major downtown areas such as the historic Haymarket and the University of Nebraska campus.
  • Clark Enersen Partners, Landscape Architecture, Coordination and Construction Observation
  • Urban Strategies Real Estate Advisors, Retail and Development Strategy
  • LSC Transportation Consultants, Transportation Planning
  • Olsson Associates, Survey, Civil and Electrical Engineering
  • Stantec Vibe, Environmental Graphics
  • PBQA, Architectural Lighting Design

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