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Rapid urbanization, chaotic economic expansion and growing automobile dominance have negatively impacted urban life in Mexico. Observing these trends, an industry-leading Mexican developer sought to make Neuvo Centro Urbano de Morelos (CU) a model city that would build a diverse community and strengthen the Mexican middle class. Design Workshop master planned the new city; designed regional arterials, urban areas and neighborhood plazas; created a pedestrian boardwalk that defines the City Center; drafted design guidelines that ensured the vision was realized; designed and analyzed the financial feasibility of recreational amenities; and designed streets and community gathering places.

  • The 1,730-acre (700-hectare) site offers a bridge between Cuernavaca and Temixco, attracting second-home interest from Mexico City and creating a new government center.
  • The physical design of CU embraces the site’s most important natural, physical and historic attributes and integrates the traditional residential products with a new seat of government.
  • The development vision includes a government center for Cuernavaca and the state of Morelos as well as a new center for the satellite city of Temixco.
  • The topography moves rainfall and runoff north to the National Forest while the master plan ensures that federally sensitive features contribute to the health of the forest and the rejuvenation of the aquifer.
  • Transit and transportation is the backbone of this community—improving transportation between regional centers and promoting job opportunities.
  • Design Workshop’s master plan provides financial and social support for low-income populations (60 percent of the project achieves affordable-living status) while also encouraging home ownership.
  • The plan provides housing for 100,000 people (26,000 homes), making this type of comprehensive planning unprecedented in Mexican History.

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2012 Merit Award (Planning), ASLA Colorado 2012