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Shanghai Office


As the growth and urbanism continue to impact natural, economic and cultural resources in China, the practices of sustainability become more important in order to support the investment made in reshaping the urban and natural landscape.

For over 45 years, Design Workshop has solved complex issues, urban and rural, that have enabled the practices of environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability to exist and to improve the human and natural conditions. Through our DW Legacy Design® approach, we've been able to measure the benefits of our planning and design concepts through metrics which has helped demonstrate the importance and lasting value of sustainability to people around the world.

As planners, urban designers and landscape architects, Design Workshop has led multi-disciplinary teams to create award winning and sustainable resorts, ski areas, mixed use districts, urban parks, corporate/institutional campuses, civic/cultural facilities and residential gardens throughout the world.

As part of our commitment to serve the China and Asia markets, we are excited to announce the establishment of our new office in Shanghai. Located in the historic and vibrant Jing An district of Shanghai, our office will continue to provide the highest quality services to our clients in China and the Asia region. The Office Director is Jun Zhou, please contact him for business development inquiries.



随着中国的快速发展与城市化进程,自然、经济和文化资源的有效利用与保护越来越受到关注和重视。可持续发展也在投资建设我们的生存和生活空间中变得越来越重要。Design Workshop通过DW Legacy Design®这一绩效衡量和设计创新为特色的设计理念,解决了诸多在城市或者乡村的复杂问题,提高了人居生活品质和保护了自然资源。可持续发展也在环境、经济、社会和文化等不同层面得到了发扬和应用。我们的规划设计方法反映到真实项目上的量度也印证了对可持续性的关注对于世界和社会发展的重要性和永久价值。

作为城市规划设计师和景观建筑师,Design Workshop也多次领导多学科合作的设计咨询团队在全球创造了许多高品质并且可持续的度假区、滑雪场、城市混合开发区、城市公园、公司与研究所园区以及住宅花园等。



Unit I,16F, No.888 Wanhangdu Road
Jing An, Shanghai, China PRC 200042