News Release

Dr. Charles Fountain Internship

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our Dr. Charles Fountain internship recipients, an internship program established by Design Workshop in honor of Dr. Fountain, founder of the Landscape Architecture Program at North Carolina A and T State University in appreciation of his pioneering efforts. This internship was created to provide opportunities for students, who are often underrepresented in the fields of landscape architecture and planning, and to provide experience in an interdisciplinary design office environment. Selected from over 60 applicants and representing nine universities, the students are the future of our profession. We are excited to have you here!

Pictured here in top row: Ayana Belk, Kansas State University; Taylor Davis, University of Texas at Austin; Andy Diaz, University of Georgia; Anjelyque Easley, University of Texas Arlington; Middle row: Gabe Jenkins, Clemson University; Shykeem Lloyd, North Carolina A&T; Jalen Miller, Ohio State University; Marquan Suggs, North Carolina A&T; Bottom row: Alice Calmon Ramos, University of Oklahoma; Justin Scott, Ohio State University; Daniella Slowik, University of Washington