Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental or experiential graphics are powerful communication systems that help shape our awareness of the world in which we live. A successful Environmental Graphic Design program can engage the senses, influence consumer behavior, and enhance the experience of a place.

Crafting a genuine sense of place comes from a comprehensive understanding of the physical, social and economic context of a place. Its rich history, shared memory and culture are all driving factors that help curate the visual story. By revealing the cultural narratives of a place we create meaningful connections that attract visitors, investments, and build a deep rooted connection in the hearts and minds of the public. Through design, we engage, orient and educate communities and visitors through a seamlessly integrated, branded environment. List of Services

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Donor Recognition Planning & Design
  • Exhibition Planning & Design
  • Experiential Planning & Design
  • Guidelines & Master Planning
  • Interpretive Planning & Design
  • Placemaking Planning & Design
  • Public Art Design & Art Direction
  • Wayfinding Planning & Design