Environmental Graphic Design

Metzler Family Open Space

Castle Rock, Colorado

Nature, family, and ranch history are honored in a trail wayfinding package

Following the generous donation of a 50-acre property, the Town of Castle Rock engaged Design Workshop to help design the Metzler Family Open Space. A key stipulation of the donation was proper recognition for the donor, and, as with any trail network, intuitive wayfinding. We worked with the Town to draw inspiration from the fauna, history, and materials of the ranch to create a signage system that aids navigation while celebrating the existing identity.

The signage and wayfinding system had to balance the nature of the space, and its broader history and future. The materials had to be durable, functional, and beautiful. In addition, the overall feel of the system had to have a weight and an aesthetic that honors the donor and the value of the gift.

The Corten® Steel panels are low-maintenance and sturdy. They pay tribute to the industrial farm equipment left at the site and blend into the earth. For durability, most elements are cut through Corten®, however some elements are removable to allow for seamless and cost-effective updates or a fresh finish after years exposed to the elements. Like the open space, the design elements are meant to last a lifetime.

Services Provided: Planning, Wayfinding, Interpretive Signage, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Intent, Bid Assistance, Construction Observation


Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation