News Release

Shown above: Janette Sadik-Khan, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Antionette Carroll, Dori Tunstall, Kelly Walters, Sara Hendren, Dr. Shirley Davis, Gloria Flora, Alexandra Gonzalez, Gail Anderson, Tonika Lewis Johnson and Terry Tempest Williams.


Today and every day, we celebrate not just influential scribes and designers in the field, but educators who continue to inspire generations. Women who are changing the narrative and paving the way for future trailblazers. Women who are [re] shaping the futures of others and making the world a better place for all. Each of these women, and countless more, inspires us not just by their work but also by the way they live and their positive social impact. They often share their personal beliefs and struggles, expressing their vulnerability as strength; sharing it heals and empowers others to do the same.