Regional/Urban Planning

ASLA Green Streets

Washington, D.C.

Streetscape as living laboratory

Chinatown Green Street Demonstration Project is a one block “laboratory” study area in Washington D.C. The purpose of the project is not only to renovate the streetscape in front of The Center for Landscape Architecture and demonstrate the role of the landscape architect in creating smarter and greener streetscapes, but also to examine the potential ecosystem problems at the site, apply innovative solutions to this “laboratory,” and measure the impacts of these solutions in order to replicate these as best practices on other streetscapes. Ultimately, the intent of this streetscape is to; (1) capture and filter rainwater to reduce the impact on the sewer system, (2) reduce urban heat island effect by maximizing canopy coverage and (3) provide safety and security for pedestrians in a comfortable environment.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Public Engagement, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design


  • Honor Award for Research & Communications, ASLA Colorado




Oehme Van Sweden, Vika Capitol, LLC, Weintraub Diaz Landscape Architecture, PLLC