Parks/Open Space

Blue Hole Regional Park

Wimberley, Texas

Preserving a beloved regional landmark

Blue Hole is a quintessential Texas Hill Country swimming hole, with pristine waters, limestone bluffs, and towering age-old cypress trees. But in 2005, when the City of Wimberley purchased the popular swimming hole along with 126 acres around it, Blue Hole had been almost “loved to death” -- its banks were overrun, compacted, and no longer able to support vegetation, including its iconic and bank-stabilizing cypress trees.

Following a stakeholder engagement process and careful land analysis, Design Workshop recommended a park design that would re-establish native plants and build limestone access points to protect the Blue Hole banks; protect and provide interpretive trail access to the larger site’s ecologically sensitive areas; and introduce 320,000 square feet of new park development and active recreation opportunities. Combined with an operations and maintenance plan, these measures have safeguarded Blue Hole and expanded its appeal for current and future generations.

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