Parks/Open Space

Colorado Springs Historic Parks Master Plan

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Utilizing the local community to understand and develop a guide for the city’s future parks

One of the founding principles of the city of Colorado Springs since 1871 was to create an interconnected park system to create “the most attractive place in the West for homes – a place for schools, college, literature, science first-class newspapers and everything the above imply.” The city’s founder, General William Palmer, created three parks, Acacia Park, Antlers Park, and Alamo Square Park, to help improve the quality of life for residents. Now, approaching the Sesquicentennial Anniversary, the City is looking to improve downtown recreation and balance the value of history with a fresh forward look to create the best use for parks and amenities. Design Workshop is utilizing a rigorous public engagement strategy to understand how these three parks are being used, what needs to be preserved and how the parks can be renewed to meet the changing needs of the city. The team will use this knowledge to create a master plan that will guide the city for the future.

Services Provided: Public Engagement, Community Planning


City of Colorado Springs


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