On the Boards


Leander, Texas

Creating a new downtown

At the transition between Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country, Leander is an emerging bedroom community that is growing because its affordable and has the last station of the only commuter rail-line in the region. Despite these attributes, Leander has no origin, no civic heart that people identify with and appreciate as theirs.

Northline was envisioned to be Leander’s new downtown. At 100 acres, the mixed-use development was designed based on traditional town building principles, prioritizing urban scale combined with active parks and open spaces. Working with the town master plan, Design Workshop authored a network of parks and open spaces that are less than a 5-minute walk to any home or business. Each park has its own identity and purpose, responding to the predominant land uses that surround it. The largest, Town Square, will be the park for all of Leander, designed for civic events like summer concerts to housing the city’s Christmas Tree.


David M Schwartz Architects, Clayton Little Architects, Page/Dyal, Big Red Dog