Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho

Creating guidelines for successful resort growth

The Sun Valley Resort is a famous world-class destination for recreational activities in Idaho. Design Workshop was engaged to work with the Holding family to create a vision for 2,500 acres owned by the Resort, complete and present to the public the first master plan ever created for the resort and make recommendations to guide future development. The master plan modified current zoning by reducing entitlements by 30% (1000 units) and preserving over 80 percent of the property as open space. Design Workshop then worked with the City of Sun Valley to integrate the resort’s vision into the Comprehensive Plan. The firm’s involvement over a 10-year time period resulted in a framework for development that will create a legacy for the family, the community and the region.

Services Provided: Public Policy Planning, Land Use Planning, Master Plan, Zoning & Land Use Approvals, Economic/Market Analysis, Graphic Communications, Design Guideline Standards, Resort Planning


Sun Valley Resort Company


Sun Valley Resort Company