Private Residential Landscapes: Laboratories for Design and Planning Exploration

September 30, 2015


Designing private residential landscapes for high-end private home owners is a complex undertaking offering incredible opportunities for expressing form, materiality, seasonality, aesthetics, choreographed experiences and programming. Planning large-scale private residential properties is akin to organizing and programming mini resorts. Residential projects, often funded generously, represent laboratories where the designer can experiment with detailing and ideas that have a high chance of getting built. They also offer opportunities to test designs before applying them in a public context. Yet some question the ability to achieve sustainable solutions for single-family and part-time owners of large high-end residential properties. Through speakers and case studies, this symposium will cover crucial considerations in planning and designing residential landscapes, including design vocabularies and the importance of client service. Richard Shaw, Principal of Design Workshop and the designer of numerous award-winning residential landscapes, will frame the discussion with insights from his 40-year career and knowledge of the centrality of residential design in landscape architecture history. This keynote talk will be followed by presentations and critiques of three current Design Workshop residential projects.

Instructor: Richard Shaw, FASLA, Principal, Design Workshop
Since 1972, Shaw has devoted his career to elevating the roles of landscape architecture and planning, linking exquisite design with horticulture, protecting and restoring natural environments, and creating beautiful communities.An expert in a wide variety of project types and scales, including residential garden design, large-scale resort development, and master planning, Richard is a fellow of ASLA, a member of AICP and ULI, and a past board member of the Landscape Architecture Foundation.A devoted mentor, Shaw taught Resort Design through Harvard University’s School of Design Professional Development Series and was previously a member of Utah State University’s Landscape Architecture advisory board.His work has received numerous awards at local, state, national and international levels, including the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National Merit Award for the Banff Downtown Enhancement Plan and the National ASLA Honor Award in Analysis and Planning for Isla Palenque.He received the ULI Award of Excellence twice.In 2009, he was the recipient of the National ASLA Design Medal, the Society’s highest honor for lifetime achievement.He received the American Horticultural Society Landscape Design Award in 2012.