Regional/Urban Planning

Big Sur Highway 1 Sustainable Transportation Demand Management Plan

Big Sur, California

Designing a more sustainable visitor experience through the interplay of landscape and transit

The Big Sur coast lies along a dramatic, rugged 100-mile stretch of Highway 1 at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the California central coast. It has been a destination since it was built in 1937, but its popularity has compromised the integrity of the natural beauty that makes it so famous. User behavior is increasingly a source of conflict, exacerbating issues such as garbage, limited parking capacity and traffic congestion. The California Department of Transportation needed a plan to help manage visitor impacts on the area. The Design Workshop team collaborated with stakeholders to develop a framework plan that shifts how people access and experience the corridor. It outlines collaborative strategies to manage the impacts of tourism and encourages the use of transit and active transportation, while preserving the rural character and resiliency of the one of a kind fragile coastal environment.

Services Provided: Design Guidelines, Corridor and Recreation Planning, Landscape Architecture, Public Outreach


California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)


LSC Transportation Consultants, Karen Mullen-Ehly, Partnering Stakeholder Groups, Smith + Jones, Kathy Jordan, Crowdbrite