Charles Schwab Corporate Campus

Austin, Texas

Designing a sustainable campus that promotes health and wellness

With expanded growth in the innovation and technology sectors and strong economic health, Austin, Texas is home to some of the world’s leading businesses. The Charles Schwab Corporate Campus is one such example, looking to double its workforce and create an employee atmosphere to attract and retain top talent in its field.

Discreetly tucked amongst 50 acres of wooded Hill Country landscape, the project site occupied what was previously a 1980’s office complex and sports fields. This static and harsh landscape took a toll on both its inhabitants and the environment. Charles Schwab sought to create a sustainable, engaging campus that connects employees to nature and provides the atmosphere of a “campus within a park". Through a vigorous analysis process, Design Workshop and Page/ created a plan that addresses thoughtful reuse of on-site materials, innovative water management and places for contemplation and public interaction. The new campus challenges the way corporations view exterior spaces and values the connection between nature and employees. Employees are encouraged to work, rest and exercise through a vast array of natural and programmed amenities and spaces. By focusing on general wellness and health, the design creates a positive and engaging workplace connected with its natural environment, while also demonstrating the client’s commitment to sustainability.

Services Provided: Landscape Architecture


Charles Schwab


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