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Downtown Ogden Master Plan

Ogden, Utah

How a 25-year vision plan can solve a $10 billion budget gap

As Utah’s Wasatch Front experiences unprecedented growth, the City of Ogden is struggling to grow its tax base – which will affect the long-term fiscal health of the community. The city’s transition from an industrial rail-driven economy has left many vacant or underutilized properties in the City’s core, and a concentration of federal jobs in the downtown area has left tracts of tax-exempt properties within Ogden’s urban fabric – all leading to a potential $10 billion budget shortfall in the City’s ability to provide basic community services for new business and residents.

Design Workshop led a multidisciplinary team to develop a 25-year vision for the growth and revitalization of downtown Ogden that mitigates a potential multi-billion-dollar shortfall in the city’s tax base. Utilizing Smart Growth strategies, we developed a targeted, metric-based framework focused on economic development, job growth, residential density, and commercial land use optimization. The framework, which was developed in close collaboration with the community, stakeholders, and various City Departments, is projected to increase taxable value per acre by 175% to off-set the anticipated budget shortfalls and shape the fabric of Ogden for years to come.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Community Engagement, Urban Design


Ogden City Community & Economic Development


WOW Atelier, Todd Johnson/Utah State University