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City of Vineyard General Plan Update

Vineyard, Utah

Connecting a heritage town to its future as a technology focused ‘Silicon Slopes’ city

How does a city with small town community values plan for a future of unexpected and unprecedented growth? That’s the question the City of Vineyard asked Design Workshop. In 2010, Vineyard had a population of approximately 140 people. By 2018, an estimated 14,000 residents had moved in – hundred fold population increase. With one large redevelopment parcel left with lakefront access and the opportunity to provide recreation, open space and trails options in this land locked community, being proactive is critical to future success. Due to its ideal location near Provo and Orem, BYU and UVU, and with a soon to be completed commuter stop connecting to Salt Lake City, growth is expected to continue. Dubbed the ‘Silicon Slopes’, Utah’s version of California’s ‘Silicon Valley’, how can the City position itself to attract technology companies and well-educated young people to make Vineyard their home? To ‘stay connected’ – Vineyard’s tagline? Design Workshop helped answer these questions by preparing a General Plan Update that focuses on proactive economic development strategies focusing on technology infrastructure, diversifying the local tax base to include more than residential development, and creating an identity that is uniquely Vineyard. An Action Plan is included that details the timeframe and investment needed to successfully implement the plan recommendations.

Services Provided: Community Planning, Public Engagement, Economic Development


City of Vineyard