Hotel Jerome

Aspen, Colorado

Revitalizing a historic landmark

The historic Hotel Jerome, built in 1889, is a centerpiece of Aspen and an invaluable part of its Victorian charm. Over the past century, the hotel and its gardens has fallen into disrepair, but the grand lady’s 100- year anniversary inspired a complete renovation and the addition of more guest rooms. As part of this project, Design Workshop redesigned the garden terrace adjacent to the hotel in classic Victorian character. The new design accommodates large gatherings but still has the intimate feel for hotel guests to enjoy. A walk through the courtyard begins in a large garden “room” with generous lawn space and moves to smaller rooms bordered by English garden plant materials. Delightful details include a small, dark-bottom pool shielded by a stand of Aspen trees and an inviting fence and gate that echo the hotel’s historic railwork.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Resort Planning, Landscape Architecture


The Friedkin Group


Rowland + Broughton, TAL Design, Water Designs, LS Group