Park Avenue Redevelopment

Lake Tahoe, California

Redeveloping 32 acres to save a declining economy

Tahoe’s recreational and gaming assets shot it to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, which resulted in rapid development that negatively impacted the environment and scenic assets. In response to this, new agencies and regulations were put in place that restricted development, which contributed to a decline in tourism. In 1992, Design Workshop was hired to lead a multi-disciplinary team to develop a master plan for the redevelopment of 32-acres in South Lake Tahoe. A complex negotiation between 27 property owners secured a plan that carefully considered the economic, community and environmental future of South Lake Tahoe. The plan led to the development of a pedestrian-oriented base village with retail and residential buildings, linked by pedestrian streets, public plazas, and a gondola. The team illustrated ways to help preserve the natural environment and protect the famous mountain views by spacing buildings, introducing native plants and enhancing water quality, creating a new standard for development. A series of Best Management Practices included the creation of wetlands at the lake’s edge that filter and purify approximately 1,000 pounds of contaminants annually. Taking it even further, the team began working with agencies to rewrite regulations to help officials and locals realize that scenic and environmental preservation would benefit the community and economy in the future. As a result, South Lake Tahoe has emerged from rock bottom to be an economically secure, environmentally progressive community.

Services Provided: Rezoning/Entitlements, Urban Design, Resort Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration & Observation


  • Honor Award for Planning, ASLA Colorado


South Tahoe Redevelopment Agency


South Tahoe Redevelopment Agency