New Community

Rancho Viejo

Santa Fe, New Mexico

A legacy of water conservation for New Mexico

In a place that receives around 14 inches of rain per year, the ability to develop an 11,000-acre new community would be limited unless a creative team could create a plan that would use water wisely while still achieving market appeal. From the outset, the developer and planning team embraced the challenge to lessen its dependence on water. Employing multiple conservation techniques such as rainwater cisterns, gray water re-use, xeric landscaping and low flow fixtures, Rancho Viejo reduced its water consumption by a staggering 42%, proving that a large new community can be built and sustained in New Mexico.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Community Planning, Signage & Wayfinding, Graphic Design, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture


  • Responsible Development Award in Community Design, Mountain Living Magazine
  • Innovating in Private Zoning, APA New Mexico
  • Honor Award for Planning & Urban Design, ASLA Colorado
  • Land Stewardship Award, ASLA Colorado


Rancho Viejo De Santa Fe, Inc.


Studio E Architects, Linderoth Architects, Nelson Architects, CWH Graphics, CR Walbridge Associates, Bohannan Huston, Inc.