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West End Farm & Park

Missoula, Montana

Integrating agriculture and open space into developing neighborhoods

In recent years, the ‘Great Montana Migration’ has put a strain on housing affordability, prime agricultural land, and equitable access to parks. Developers in Missoula are tackling these issues by creating new neighborhoods with access to parks and open space that challenge preconceptions of what public space can be.

To anchor the forthcoming West End Neighborhood development, the project team created a 27-acre park master plan to increase open space and serve as a community hub. Named the West End Farm and Park, the site will serve the community by incorporating public outdoor space as well as infrastructure for food production and sustainable agriculture practices. The park includes crop fields and orchards, restores native grasslands and ecosystems, and provides residents with outdoor recreation options. The West End Farm and Park will not only ease the strain on agricultural land but provide a place that cultivates community and social wellness.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Community Engagement


Wishcamper Development Partners


Missoula Parks & Recreation, IMEG