Residential Gardens

Woody Creek Garden

Elk Mountains, Colorado

Exploring the changing state of water into a high alpine garden

The garden of this home is built as a functioning green roof over a portion of the residence, leaving the steeply sloping site undisturbed. Two interlinking courtyards allow the homeowners to enjoy the visual landscape from inside the house. Water is the unifying element in the landscape design. Atmospheric mist, single rivulets, cascades and still pools portray water in its various states and forms. A walled entry garden in a pinwheel arrangement of granite slabs on the horizontal plane is contrasted by naturalized groups of quaking aspens, acting as vertical punctuation. The second garden, in comparison, is an expansive, promontory entertainment space. The design program accommodates large gatherings of the owners’ friends. A separate, geometric pool of shallow water along the precipice of the courtyard adds drama to the landscape. From the promontory above, this plane provides a mirror to the ever-changing sky.

“A stunning example of how the landscape can complement the architecture without being a slave to it. The colors, distinctive detailing, and striking stonework are beautifully appropriate to the site.” — National ASLA Professional Awards Jury

Services Provided: Site Analysis, Zoning & Land Use Approvals, Site Planning, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Permitting, Bidding/Negotiations, Construction Observation, Grading & Drainage Plans, Landscape Architecture


  • Tucker Design Award, Tucker Building Stone Institute
  • Honor Award for Residential Design, ASLA National


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