Urban Design/Mixed-Use

1144 Fifteenth

Denver, Colorado

Colorado reflections: designing one of Denver’s tallest skyscrapers

Inspired by the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains to the west, the building and its public plaza are a luminous reflection of the geological forms and dramatic sky that defines the Colorado landscape. As Denver’s fifth office building, the project was designed to the highest of expectations that corporate tenants demand including high performance buildings. To that end, the tower achieved LEED Gold-Certification in part by a 5,000 square foot green roof and porous streetscape paving system that captures 90% of stormwater and filters it before discharging back into the city sewer system. At its front door, the building has an urban plaza with a large stone sculpture that mimics the geological bedding planes that are define the front range to the west. This iconic sculpture was designed to reflect, giving people an unexpected view of the tower and sky above when standing or walking by it.

Services Provided: Landscape Architecture


  • Downtown Denver Award, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Honor Award for Design, ASLA Colorado




Pickard Chilton Architects, Kendall/Heaton Associates, Martin/Martin, D|G Studios, Lighting Design Alliance