Residential Gardens

Elizabeth Street Garden

Cultivating Colorado’s Ecologies within The Mile High City

Located on the grounds of Denver’s first Polo Club and in the heart of an historic neighborhood, the three-acre property was originally developed in the mid-2000s. In 2019, new owners purchased the property and invited the Landscape Architect to reimagine the garden to encompass a lively fusion of modern forms and naturalistic horticultural expressions, and to create more family gathering spaces. Catalyzed by a family’s appreciation of horticulture, and their desire to create a distinct landscape that celebrates a mile-high location, the landscape architect forged a plan that merges nature and nurture, creating a cultivated oasis in the heart of an urban location. Horticulture and design converge in a three-acre residential garden, effectively transporting the owners and their guests through the myriad of diverse and extraordinary landscapes of Colorado. The result is a modern home, set in the heart of urban Denver, surrounded by sweeping meadows, perennial wildflowers, rocky outcroppings, aspen woodlands, coniferous forests, open water, and dry stream courses.

Services Provided: Landscape Architecture


  • Merit Award, Colorado ASLA
  • Regional Award for Outdoor Living, LUXE Residential Excellence in Design




Olson Kundig, Cecilia Tanoni Interiors, Montare Builders, 2 Keys