New Community

High Desert

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Land stewardship for Albuquerque

High Desert was planned from the ground up, taking a responsible stewardship approach to the land by respecting and integrating the existing features of arroyos and the juniper prairie. This sustainable community of 1000-acres honors low-impact design practices of water conservation, wildlife habitat restoration and native plantings to maintain 50% of the native landscape as open space and to use only 20% of its annual water allowance for landscape irrigation, which saves $300,000 per year. Because of its stewardship of the natural environment, High Desert changed water-conservation and landscape planting ordinances at city and state levels. It has become the model for sustainable new communities in the Southwest.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Landscape Architecture


  • 1997 City of Albuquerque Environmental Planning Commission, Community Award of Excellence
  • 1995 ASLA New Mexico, Honor Award in Planning
  • 1995 ASLA Colorado, Honor Award in Planning
  • Landscape Architecture Foundation, Performance Case Study


High Desert Investment Corp.


Bohannan Huston Inc., SWCA, Ali Baudoin